About Us

The Vault is host to the most timely and relevant performing arts programming in the county.
The Vault is a think tank for the arts. We tackle form and content in a single home for local artists and aspiring professionals; a center where professional powerful local art is developed and shown. Here, at home.

Unlock your blissful future.

To facilitate individual transformation and openhearted awareness with conscious entertainment.

Around here, we tie up our laces and step fully into the new. That means letting go of the things no longer serving us. Isn’t it time you start living the story you want to write? Through connected, playful entertainment in the form of music, books, films, workshops and performances, I’m able to create a sense of peace, hope, inspiration and wholeness for individuals ready to embark on a journey like never before.

MEET the Persons behind it

Damion sharpe

Damion Sharpe is an author, actor, filmmaker, musician, improv-artist, and workshop facilitator. Curious from a young age, Damion began exploring meditation and the world of energy, spirituality and transformation. His deep connection with the earth and desire for peaceful existence has motivated him to follow a philosophy that incorporates play, humor, body awareness and depth. Today, he shares his unique understanding of the world with those who are inspired to lead the life they want to live.
Damion has been teaching improv and acting since 2001. He also completed a two-year ‘Leadership and Transformation’ program at the Hendricks Institute. Damion holds a bachelor’s degree in theatre arts from UC Davis, California and continued his studies with a year of advanced stage movement (Comedia Dell’Arte) and teaching general education with a focus on group learning styles.


Zachary PRESTON Rouse is no slouch. Well, most of the time his posture is impeccable. His middle name has been continuously passed down to him for over 400 years, and that ain’t no lie, foo. He got his pe-degree from HSU in Theater Arts. As a testament to his prowess, this BA only took the genius 10 years to complete. What? Nothing to see here. But f’realz. He was too busy doing productions to do his homework. Now, that’s dedication! Zack has worked for Berkeley Repertory Theatre, Seattle Public Theatre, Oregon Children’s Theatre, and Ferndale and North Coast Reps, among many others that it would be super boring for you to read a list of. He has taught drama and music (Zack’s a sax player as well, and has opened for David Crosby, Merle Haggard, and The Neville Bros. over the years) to kids and adults alike. His passion is working with actors to help them hone their skews into fine-pointed knives of precision emotion, for maximum communicatory power. No, communicatory is not a word, but neither is ain’t, so eat a fat one on it, will’ya. Zack is Technical Director for the Arkley Center for the Performing Arts in Eureka, and lives everything about the theatre. Politics is useless without sports like pole vaulting and tennis to compare it with, and without an environment to exist within. Therefore, progressive attitudes are required philo for Zack’s plays and music. Thanks for reading this novella; we’ll be here all week. Out. Mic drop unnecessary in virtuo-tasty-land.