The Vault

Art Unlocked. The Vault is a think tank for the arts.The Vault is a cutting-edge performing arts space in old town Eureka, CA.
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The Vault is a cutting-edge performing arts space in old town Eureka, CA.

From edgy and exciting original theatre works to powerfully transformative improv performances, play & film-in-a-day workshops and theatre fringe festivals, kid’s theatre, music and stand-up comedy, to classes and clinics in improvisation, acting and writing, The Vault is host to the most timely and relevant performing arts programming in the county.
The Vault is a think tank for the arts. We tackle form and content in a single home for local artists and aspiring professionals; a center where professional powerful local art is developed and shown. Here, at home.

There is no longer any need to leave Humboldt County to view or participate in the highest quality performances. The Vault has unlocked the community’s talent and soul in a single home.

Zachary Rouse


Zachary Rouse has been making theatre for 20+ years, and teaches music and theatre to kids and adults alike. The Vault is the culmination of years of work toward building a sustainable, professional theatre company on the North Coast.

Damion sharpe

Damion Sharpe is an author, actor, filmmaker, musician, improv-artist, and workshop facilitator. All about Creative play and performance as guides to transformation.


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